Sunday, October 25, 2009

Forex is Hegemoney and Hedge Fund?

Due to vast potential of the foreign exchange market, rampant poverty as well as insatiable human desires irking individuals to get rich overnight, many invest their meager resources in foreign exchange trading; resultantly, it is commonplace nowadays to come across such individuals who drown themselves by jumping into this vast vast sea of speculation, where innumerous factors, including political conditions in the international arena, market psychology (jumping on every rumor and usually going against retail foreign exchange brokers) and the old adage that goes with the forex, viz, buy the rumor and sell the fact, these downtrodden underdogs, the newcomers in the forex market are dubbed as losers.

It is by and large true that due to their immense funds and inner circle exchange of news (not rumors for them) the central banks and hedge funds usually win the day leaving in their wake financial corpses of thousands of people who do not know a b c of this myriad natured trade

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